Sworn translations in Zaragoza

For issues related to your business or your training, consult professionals. When you need to translate important documents, legal or academic texts, for example, request our sworn translation services. We provide certified translation in all languages.

At Traducciones ZB we offer the certified translation service with native sworn translators of all languages officially recognised by the competent organisation (Ministry of Foreign Affairs). We carry out the translation of all types of documents, among them:

•           Birth certificates
•           Death certificates
•           Criminal record certificates
•           Divorce decrees
•           Judicial sentences
•           Academic certificates
•           Academic records
•           Annual financial statements
•           Notary power of attorney
•           Contracts
•           Vehicle documentation
•           Quality guarantee certificates

Thanks to the years of accumulated experience, we can guide our clients regarding the characteristics of the project they are going to request. For example, we inform them of the type of legalisation necessary in each case (apostille of The Hague or consular legalisation), depending on the country from which the document comes. We also indicate to them where they can request it in order to avoid loss of time and unnecessary procedures.