Translation services in Zaragoza

Translation services in Zaragoza

The history of work and projects that we have accumulated at Traducciones ZB over the years, as well as our seriousness and rigour, allows us to have at present very qualified personnel in different areas. Consult us without obligation. We are sure that our experience can be useful to you. 


From our headquarters in Zaragoza, we offer our translation services in any language that you may need: 

Legal and financial translations


Collective bargaining agreements, annual financial statements, contracts, divorce demands and decrees, employment history, financial reports or any document that is related to the legal, economic or administrative area. 

Medical translations


Medical reports, social security reports (for requests for pensions for widows, orphans, retirement, disability), publications and more. 

Scientific translations


Studies on the environment, pharmacology, research, renewable energy, etc.

Academic translations


We have a large team of translators who work in different languages, certified and recognised officially by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, for the provision of sworn translation of degrees, academic records, study plans, reports, diplomas, certificates of studies, curriculum vitae, among others.

Commercial translations


We provide the start or the strengthening of international commercial relationships offering to those interested an agile translation service for interchanges with their clients or suppliers, translating in a short time period the communications that they receive as well as those they send.


We give priority to the short texts, which we understand need to be processed as soon as possible, placing them before the others and delivering them in the shortest time possible. Your translations, in any case, are always done by native translators of the corresponding language.

We translate corporate bylaws, contracts, commercial correspondence, annual financial statements, etc. In addition, we offer an interpretation service for the visits that you receive from your clients or suppliers. In this way, we guarantee that you get maximum advantage from their stay, which, without doubt, will favour your commercial relationships.

Informative translations


Tourist guides, documentaries, travel catalogues, guides for foreigners, exhibits, brochures, narrations, etc.

Translation of web pages


If you provide us with the texts that you want to appear in your web page, our native translators will prepare an optimum translation into the language you choose.