Translations of all languages

What we do

At Traducciones ZB we have years of experience in the translation and interpretation sector and we work with native professionals. In addition, we always guarantee the maximum quality of our work and comply strictly with the set delivery deadlines.

Our collaboration with experienced native translators allows us to be able to translate from and to all the languages: English, Portuguese, German, Italian, French, Danish, Dutch, Ukrainian, Russian, Polish, Czech, Romanian, Arabic, Urdu, Tamil Turkish, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Serbian, Croatian, Finnish, Norwegian, Swedish, etc.  

Consult our range of services:

• Sworn translations in Zaragoza: birth and death certificates, of criminal records, judicial sentences, academic records, vehicle documentation, etc.

• Legal and financial translations: corporate bylaws, collective bargaining agreements, annual financial statements, contracts, employment history, etc.

• Technical translations: our translators know the specific language of different sectors and companies.

• Medical translations: medical reports, reports from the social security, request to other countries for widow’s pension, etc.

• Scientific translations: environmental, pharmacological, renewable energy studies, etc.

• Academic translations: degrees, academic records, diplomas, study plans, curriculums, etc.

• Commercial translations: bids, contracts, commercial correspondence, etc. In addition, we offer interpretation services for meetings or visits.

• Informative translations: tourist guides, documentaries, travel catalogues.

• Translations of web pages

• Simultaneous interpretation

• Liaison interpretation

• Consecutive interpretation

• Chuchotage (Whispered interpretation)

​Although at present the majority of the companies have qualified personnel who are fluent in the most frequent languages in the commercial field, the need to outsource this type of services is presented increasingly more often.