Translation in Zaragoza

We are a company backed by wide experience and by the quality and rigour of our work.


We are Traducciones ZB, a translation company located in Zaragoza, with ample experience in the area of translation and interpretation.

We have been striving for several decades to offer a complete service with the best native translators.  In addition to offering quality, seriousness and rigour in the translations, we maintain a personalised service with the clients, always with the utmost cordiality.

Given the abundant experience acquired throughout our career, we have adapted the company to the evolution of the media and the needs of the clients, for which reason we have been expanding the workforce of native collaborators. In this way, we anticipate the needs of the market, relying on experienced translators in all languages, even in those that are increasingly more in demand.

Where we are


Calle Coso, 100 – 3º, Of. 4

50001 Zaragoza (Zaragoza)


976 228 042

From its headquarters in Zaragoza, Traducciones Z.B., a specialist in translation and interpretation, provides its services where they are required.

Some of the cities in which Traducciones Z.B. habitually provides translation and interpretation services: